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Window regulators mechanism production

Politecnica 80 studies and realizes high-quality and latest-generation  kits of window regulators mechanisms  for cars, commercial vans, four-wheeled industrial vehicles. The electric lifters produced by this brand are known and appreciated in the automotive and electronics worldwide market. The company also produces customized central locks.

The company signs with three brands – Opzional, Autolift e Elewind – its own mechanisms suitable for all cars, including the most innovative models of the most prestigious brands such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, Honda, Lancia, Land Rover, Opel and lots of other ones, specifying code, model, type, period range, door and side for installation.

A company, a guarantee 

A team of 40 professionals, technicians and engineers, follows all phases of mechanisms design and production needed to realize the power windows.

The ISO 9001 certification on quality management systems guarantees the optimal characteristics of production and company organization, ensuring valuable products, professional services and punctual deliveries.

From project to production 

To give a plus to its excellence Politecnica 80 has chosen to follow all phases of design, manufacturing and sales of mechanisms for power windows lifters.

Tested quality 

Periodic and detailed tests ensure quality and reliability of Politecnica 80 products, according to regulations and specifications of the equipment.

Research and innovation: the future is strength

To continue improving its products, choose the best materials and optimize its technologies, Politecnica 80 is constantly investing in experimentations and research in a large work space of 5000 square meters and with a workforce of over 40 professionals specialized in realization of electrical power windows.
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