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Electrical Window Lifters With Electronics

Manufacture of electrical window lifters with electronics

Electrical window lifters with electronics, reliables, solids and safe for the equipment of people pretending always the highest quality for their for wheels cars, commercial and industrial vehicles. Politecnica 80 is designing , manufacturing (even custom made) and selling high quality mechanisms and electrical window regulator spare parts to be installed on several vehicles , even the latest models, , of many famous brand such as Lancia, Porsche, Rover, Renault, Ford, Fiat, Maserati, Toyota, Volkswagen...

Politecnica 80:  a name, many warranties

The whole manufacturing process of electrical window regulators with electronics is constantly submitted to rigourous controls on quality and stardard safety compliance .Thank you to several validation tests on materials and equipments and to  ISO 9001 certification on Quality Management , Politecnica 80 guarantees services and products recognized and highly appreciated all around the world.

Research and development: the future is here!

In more than 5.000 squared meters with a specialized team of more than 40 professionals between engineers and workers, Politecnica 80 looks at the future, anticipating the tomorrow’s requests and constantly investing in R&D for improving and refreshing the whole range of its electrical window regulators with electronics, and its designing and manufacturing methods.

An expert team for any request

The Company has collected a specialized team for conceiving electrical window openers with electronics in order to accompany its customers at every stage of its choice, during the design, customization and installation of Politecnica 80 products. From the original project to the final result, Politecnica 80 is the only point of reference for any need.

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