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Electrical Window Lifters

The electrical window lifter is an essential component of the contemporary automotive production . It became now a basic element on the series’ vehicle equipment  , needful for the passenger’s  comfort and for the driver safety.  For the Automotive car manufacturer reputation and brand awareness , it is important to speak with a serious and professional partners able to supply high precision and durable parts.

Politecnica 80 has been manufacturing since around 40 years electrical window regulators for light duty, commercial and heavy duty vehicles. Our experience on the field grants to your Company  a safe product, resistant and long-lasting. Any our window lifter, before being distributed on the market, is submitted to rigourous tests and careful controls  , according to the major international and european standards, that are certifying the the extraordinary quality, robustness and awesome performances.

Always for our team in Politecnica 80 80 the customer satisfaction represents one of the most important factors . We are aware about the importance of the brand reputation, reliability, professionalism and trustability.  Exactly for these reasons we make you available our know-how providing a high quality product beside a customized service. According to yours manufacturing needs we will accompany you with our best efforts and our experience as well as a continuous technical support

For manufacturing of yours electrical window lifter ask Politecnica 80: we would be glad to be your new reference point.