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Electrical Window Openers Mechanism

Window openers mechanism manufacturing

Politecnica 80 designs, manufactures and sells mechanisms and spare parts for electrical window openers, electrical window regulators, custom centralized locks, and high quality electrical devices for electrical window lifters. The parts are suitable for cars, commerciale and industrtial vehicles of many different popular brands brands such as Isuzu, Hyundai, Peugeot, Opel, Mitsubishi, Saab, Mini, Honda and many more including the most recent models on the market.

The certified high quality!

Several quality validations allow Politecnica 80 to make excellent mechanisms for electrical window regulators . The high value of this technology has been recognized and appreciated all around the world thank you to the constant presence of the Company to the main automotive exhibitions and events. The ISO 9001 Certification on Quality Management, guarantees services and products for people highly professional and specialized.

3 brands to become internationals

The mechanisms and spare parts for electrical window lifters are sold by Politecnica 80 troughout 3 main brands: Elewind, Opzional e Autolift.

Experimenting technological changes

A big new product development area of more than 5000 squred meters, and a workforce of more than 50 professionals, between engineers, designers and specialized workers to manufacture mechanisms for electrical window regulators let Politecnica 80 to be the highest level partner on the field.

Thank you to the continuous investment in R&D Politecnica 80  and the historical and rich center of know how  anticipating the future innovation and the tomorrows’ needs.

One team for all services

From design to production, from customization to installation: this team follows its customers in each work phase, with the main aim to lead them in choosing correctly the most suitable products for every need, till sale and final installation.

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