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Electrical window regulators for vehicles

Electrical window lifters, mechanisms, spares and kits for the first equipment: Politecnica 80 designs, customizes, manufactures and sells the best technologies for the best vehicles,  even the most recent of the most famous brands such as Audi, BMW, Lancia, Maserati, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, Volvo...

Quality to be tested!

The high quality, the services and the reliability offered by Politecnica 80 are certified with ISO 9001 standard o Quality Management. This certification bring the Company to constantly improve its working procedures as well as refreshing product and technologies.

Thank you to the constant presence of the Company to the main automotive exhibitions and events
the electrical window openers by Politecnica 80 are well known and recognized everywhere.

3 brand for the triple efficency:

Elewind, Opzional, Autolift : are the 3 brands throughout Politecnica 80 sells its electrical window lifters for car, commercial and industrial vehicles.

Today the tomorrow’s innovation

A big new product development area of more than 5000 squared meters, and a workforce of more than 50 professionals, between engineers, designers and specialized workers to manufacture mechanisms for electrical window regulators let Politecnica 80 to be the highest level partner on the field.

The know how of Politecnica 80 team gives revolutionary results, dedicated to people pretending the best for their cars.

An expert team for any request

Designing , manufacturing (even custom made) and selling high quality electrical window regulators with the aim to simplify the life of its customers, Politecnica 80 team is able to respond to any request, addressing the clients to the best choice according to their expectations.

Do you want to buy Politecnica 80 electrical window regulaotors ? Contact us!