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Electrical windows manufacturing

Politecnica 80 is  well known and appreciated alla round the world for its manufacturing of high quality electrical windows for the best automotive models of car, commercial and industrial vehicles, even the last models introduced into the market such as Mini, Iveco, Opel, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Rover, Seat, Dacia, Chevrolet – Daewoo, Fiat, Ford and many more.

Dedicated to people asking for something more…

The company added value, after many year of specialization on the field, is the team of professional engineers and workers,  as well as the guarantee of Quality Management ensured by the Certification ISO 9001 . This are stimulating factors for Politecnica 80 in order to periodically improve the working internal procedures as well as to upgrade the Group know-how investing every day  new energies in Research and Development.

Innovation makes the future present

From the beginning, this professional Company, dedicated his time and efforts to innovate  models, materials and technologies deployed during every phase of the high quality window lifters .

A unique expert team

The Politecnica 80 method aims mainly to simplify the end user life. For achieving this goal the Company has collected a professional team able to internally follow every phase of the excellent electrical window openers manufacturing process: from mthe design to the customization, from the conception to the final sale.

Safety beyond the unpredictable

Meticulous and rigorous reliability tests allow Politecnica 80 to sell only high quality electric window regulators, in compliance with current safety regulations.

3 brands all over the world

Electric window lifters, spare parts, mechanisms and kits for first equipment made by Politecnica 80 are sold through the Elewind, Autolift e Opzional. brands.

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