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Electrical windows for vehicles

Politecnica 80 is a point of reference alla round the world on the field of manufacturing and commercializing electrical windows, spare parts and kits for cars, commercial and industrial vehicles
In a big new product development area of more than 5.000 squared meters  new developments are daily discovered.  The Company constantly invests in research and innovation of materials, components and technologies for a product considered to be excellent and valued .
Thank you to the constant presence of the Company to the main automotive exhibitions and events the high value of the Politecnica 80 technology has been recognized and appreciated by professionals all around the world .

Certified Reliability

The whole manufacturing process of Politecnica 80 is contnuosly submitted to careful and rigorous tests on the sold product reliability. Furthermore the  ISO 9001 certification  on Quality Management provides a high safety level as well as the respect of time and phases for electrical windows and mechanisms “ready to use”

For any brand

The electrical windows for vehicles made by Politecnica 80 are fitting on ant type of vehicle produced by the most famous automotive brand names such as Mini, Honda, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, Skoda, Jeep, Fiat, Ford, Citroen!

A professional team

Thank you to a experimented way of manufacturing and a work force of around 40 specialized workers , Politecnica 80 is today able to manage all the process of designing, customizing, prototyping and manufacturing high level electrical windows for vehicles .

Politecnica 80 fa per tre!

Electrical windows, central lockings, kits and spare parts are distributed by Politecnica 80, all around the world , troughout tree main brands: Opzional, Autolift e Elewind.

Do you want to buy electrical windows for vehicles made by Politecnica 80? Contact us!