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Power windows designed and manufactured by Politecnica 80 are suitable for cars, commercial vehicles and four-wheel industrial vehicles of many of the latest and most famous brands, such as Porsche, Seat, Renault, Volkswagen, Volvo, Maserati, Jeep, BMW and many others. The three brands that sign Politecnica 80's power windows are Opzional, Autolift ed Elewind.

One team for all work phases 

The true strength of Politecnica 80 is the work of many professionals, including technicians and engineers, specialized in design and manufacture electric window lifters with motors, who make company's know-how every day stronger and more exclusive.

Countless exhibitions in the industry's most renowned trade fairs and the market strategies pursued over the years by Politecnica 80 have also enabled this professional reality to place itself among the most relevant and appreciated landmarks in various and important markets around the world.

A high quality guarantee for professionals 

Thanks to meticulous and periodic testing on products reliability and quality, Politecnica 80 has become synonymous with guarantee also for the most experienced actors in the automotive, electrical and technological sectors. All this, added to the ISO 9001 certification and compliance with current safety regulations, make the company a real excellence, precise, punctual and, above all, reliable.

A present made of experimentation and innovation for the future

Over 5,000 square meters of working space allow Politecnica 80's team to continuously experiment, innovate, research and create its own future, thanks to present ideas which anticipate tomorrow's needs.

Buying electric windows regulators with motors from this company means investing in resistance, safe, and timeless quality.

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